1 star, 5 star voting or Facebook Like

Infinite Scroll with Lazy Load

Create own upload forms

  • Choose field type and arrange them
  • Inform admin option when uploaded
  • Inform user option when activated

Facebook Like button

  • Add Facebook Like button and allow to vote directly out of gallery view.
  • Vote via Facebook Like button in the slider.
  • Vote via Facebook Like button in the single pic view.

Add an external URL to every image

  • Choose the source of forwarding. Forward from slider, from single pic view or directly from gallery.
  • Forward in a new tab (_blank) or in same window.

Rate and comment images in a slider

  • High level fast slider
  • Navigate slider clicking arrow images or clicking arrow keys on keyboard

Create image upload forms for frontend

  • Add user information fields
  • Add check agreements
  • Manage images and data in backend

Three different views with unlimited options

  • Real justified Flickr look, customize height
  • Same amount of pictures in a row look
  • Thumb look, define size and margin between thumbs

Rate pictures

Allow to rate several times or only one time via ip block.

Manage single picture view size

Scale images to certain width or customize same width and height of every image.

Manage user picture information output

Uploaded user information can be changed in backend.

Auto inform users via mail when picture is activated

If user added his mail you can decide if he should be informed and forwarded to his image when its activated.

Auto inform admin via mail when picture is uploaded

If user added an image over your front-end to your gallery, you receive an email with all user data and link to the image.

Only gallery view

Configure bigger image sizes and manange the whole gallery without necessity to view single images.
Commenting, rating and Facebook liking can be all done directly out of gallery view.

Forwarding to full size images diretly out of gallery

By clicking out of gallery view a new tab opens with the full size image.
This allows to see instantly the full resolution image, with highest quality.

Super fast slider

Extremely fast slider, which react on the lenght of your mouse movement.
You can overleap till 4 images with one mouse movement.
Of course everything with animation.

Hide until vote option

Hide votes until user votes. Only after user voted an image he sees the complete voting result.

Switch between views

Switch between total different gallery views without site reloading!
If you done a vote in one view you see all vote results in other views.
Everything live. All changes you done in one view you see also in other views.

Gallery image sizes

Configure images sizes of every view.

Height view

Configure the average height of an image. All image in a row will have same height.
Own developed logic. All images will be shown in pretty same relation as they were uploaded.

Thumb view

All images have same height and width and same distance to each other.

Row view

Absolutely unique! Configure the amount of images per row.
Every row has always same amount of images with same height.
Every row can look totally different!

Commenting everywhere

Place your comment just outside the gallery or go inside slider view and place your comment there.

Further highlights

  • Totally responsive
  • Sort images in frontend
  • Every pictures has it’s own url, share it!

Supported languages in frontend

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Russian