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Create a professional photo contest

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Multiple gallery views in one contest

Switch between five different views without loading. Arrange views order. Select which contest view should be available. Open a view in full window or even in full screen mode.

Create contest upload form

Add 10 different upload form field types to your photo contest. Make them required if necessary or arrange order. Extra upload form shortcode is available, but also in gallery AJAX upload form can be activated.

Voting types

Five star rating or one star rating are available. Recognize by IP, cookie or user login.

Voting options

Votes per user, delete votes, show only user votes, votes per category, one vote per picture, configure messages when all votes used and many other options are available for your photo contest.

Vote without beeing registered

User will be recognized by IP or cookie. It is also possible to set IP and cookie, so IP an cookie has to be changed to vote again.

Vote as registered user

Create registration form, arrange fields order and make fields required if necessary. Configure WordPress user role when register. WordPress user will be created. Add login form. This kind of voting can not be manipulated.

Allow comments

Users can set comments for each image in frontend for a photo contest. Set emojis (emoticons) in a comment is possible. Comments can be approved and deleted in backend. Activate an email noticiation when a comment is set.

Search by content

Search by field content, categories, picture name or EXIF data of your images in your photo contest. Search is available in in frontend and backend. Search in frontend will be executed without site reload. Enable or disable search in frontend.

EXIF data

EXIF data from images will be extracted and shown in frontend. Select which EXIF data should be displayed in frontend. Available is original image date, date format, aperture, exposure time, ISO and focal length.

Image activation email

Users can upload image in frontend. Admin can review them and then activate them. An configured image activation email with link to image can be sent to user if user provided email during image upload.

Inform admin email

Admin can receive an email when a photo is uploaded with information about the image. Also CC and BCC emails can be added which should receive the email.

Original image source gallery

Simple gallery. No image opening features. Forward directly to original source after clicking an image. Add comments is not possible. Voting out of gallery is possible.

Only gallery view

Images will be not opened in single image view by clicking on them. Also it will be not fowarded to original image source. Comments can not be added. Configuration of voting out of gallery is possible.

Random sort

Random sort button or random sort each page load available as options. It can also be sorted by rating , comments and uploaded date time in frontend. In backend more sorting options are vailable.

Multiple galleries on same page

Add multiple gallery shortcodes of different galleries to same page. Multiple galleries will be displayed at same time on same page. Galleries can have different options and in gallery image upload form can be used for each gallery on same page also. For example add shortcodes: cg_gallery id=”1″, cg_gallery id=”2″ and cg_gallery id=”3″. All available shortcodes with exaplanations are instantly visible when you create a gallery.


There are 10 languages available which depends on your site language. English, German, Spain, French, Norway (not fully translated), Dutch, Russian, Slovak, Sweden (not fully translated) and chinese traditional. Additionally you can set manually own translation for every message.

Color styles

Select between optimized bright or dark gallery color style. Configure bright or dark color style for top controls or single image view extra.

Winner Gallery

Determine winner of your photo contest simply by marking winners in backend and displaying them via cg_gallery_winner shortcode. It can’t be voted in winner gallery and you can also preselect order by rating on page load.

No voting gallery

Use plugin as normal gallery plugin without the ability to vote. Simply use cg_gallery_no_voting shortcode to display gallery without votes.

User gallery

Registered and logged have full control of their uploaded photos. They can edit information, delete them and upload new photos. cg_gallery_user shortcode can be used to allow logged in uses to manage their photos.

Photo contest frontend handling videos


bestimmaa August 24, 2021
This plugin works great and has a ton of option to configure when using the paid version. We ran a company photo contest using it and couldn’t be happier. The developer is very responsive as well. Highly recommended!
joefryfoto May 9, 2021
Just one day in… got it working well. Upgraded to the Pro version because it had some features I wanted (but could have lived without). Had an issue that turned out to have nothing whatsoever to do with the plugin, but I got a quick support response. The plugin is feature-laden and fairly easy to use.
dkoedijk April 12, 2021
I looked at many contest plugins but it’s this one that stands out. All that I ever need from a contest plugin is included. It’s very easy to use and the configuration options are endless. After encountering a (non plugin related) domain problem, the developer showed amazing support!
katzentatzewp March 9, 2021
Many thanks to the developer for the quick implementation of a PHP GetIni variable problem, it only took 1 week, then it was fixed in its entirety and now works without complaint. The tool itself can be used in many different ways due to its configuration options, not only as a contest tool. For this and for the good, fast support, I give it 5 stars.
boomster March 3, 2021
Guys, this is the best plugin for me. It seems that the author is reading my thoughts. I just think about such a function and he implements it.
marcobusoni January 3, 2021
I used the plug-in to manage a painting contest arranged in a very short time, it turn out to be very complete full of useful options especially in the pro version.

I had a problem with the saving of settings and the support was very kind and solved in few day
hepar December 27, 2020
Ich habe mehrere Plugins getestet, aber keines hat mich überzeugt. Anders die Contest Gallery. Ich setze das Plugin für umfangreiche Fotowettbewerbe mit verschiedenen Anforderungen ein. Und kann nur sagen: Technik, Bedienerfreundlichkeit und Support sind erste Klasse. DANKE!
vasiliosvalassis November 29, 2020
Super easy to install and to customize (pro version). Special thanks to the author who helped me quickly with updates to make the plugin closer to my needs. My community is finishing their first vote and everyone is satisfied of this new feature on my website!
mask485be November 11, 2020
Really easy to install and you can use directly out of the box
louise33 August 03, 2020
This is exactly what I was looking for. I am a novice and not fluent in wordpress. The documentation made it easy. The developer answers emails for help quickly. The price was great!
lmoraless July 05, 2020
We just used this awesome plugin for our first photography online contest and it worked very well and since we got the Pro version, the support we have received is outstanding!! I surely recommend for any photography contest since it is very complete and useful.
miribar July 01, 2020
Hat alles, was ich für die Realisierung eines Fotowettbewerbs brauche. Support super schnell und hilfreich. Danke
artbydebbiedidit June 21, 2020
I created an online art show in the wake of COVID-19. We artists had no way to show our work until this Contest Gallery came along! I tried several voting type galleries and nothing came close to this one! Now, I have 26 artists showing their work, putting a smile on peoples faces and hopefully making everyone forget what is going on in the world today…for just a little bit. Questions/Issues got taken care of right away! The support is great! I will be having another Art Show in Aug (international this time!) and will be using this then too!! All this is possible because of this plugin…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
wpbluetales June 19, 2020
The plugin is correct, a lot of functions, and very flexible. You can integrate perfectly with your WP and the way to set up the contests is a question of your imagination.

After that, the best thing about this plugin is the support. The developer stay in touch helping and solving issues even not related to the tool. Integration, ideas, suggestions. Well done!!
fotoclubpoblenou June 07, 2020
Modern, slick design far from the old-fashioned table design used in the past for camera club competitions.
The upload process is highly configurable, thereby avoiding complicated file names as you can put the relevant information in the corresponding fields.
Although it doesn’t have a jury voting system, the popular voting options provide a very satisfactory experience for the users.
The Contest Gallery is self-explanatory for the end users. There are only a few text strings, and all of them can be translated and adapted directly in the admin panel.
The support from the author is just exceptional, he replies immediately and fixes problems very quickly and accurately.
sideways May 09, 2020
Extremely well done, customizable and clever. Excellent support. Definitely worth the price for the Pro version.
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NORMAL version

PRO version

Gallery view options

Number of images per screen (Pagination)

Enable full window button

Enable full screen button

Allow search for images

Allow sort

Preselect order when page loads

Random sort (Each page load)

Random sort button

Bright or dark color sites
top controls style

In gallery upload form button

In gallery upload form
text configuration

Gallery Height View (all options)

Gallery Thumb View (all options)

Gallery Row View (all options)

Slider view (all options)

Blog view (all options)

Image view options

View images as gallery slide out

View images as full window slider

View images as full window blog view

Image view background
dark and bright style

Slide effect horizontal or vertical

Start gallery full window view
as slide out by clicking an image

Show EXIF data

Enable full window button

Enable full screen button

Download button
original image source

Show Nickname who uploaded image

Forward directly to original source
after clicking an image

Gallery Thumb View (all options)

Make images unclickable
(Only gallery view)

Show original image date
from EXIF data

Gallery view

Gallery name

Activate photo contest start time

Select start day
and time of photo contest

End photo contest immediately

Activate photo contest end time

Select last day
and time of photo contest

Show permanent vote
comments and info in gallery view

Allow only registered
users to see the gallery

Show text instead of gallery
(if user is not logged in)

Allow comments

Comment notification e-mail options

Voting options

Allow manipulate rating by administrator

Recognize user by IP

Recognize user by cookie

Recognize user by login

One vote per category

Votes per category

One vote per picture

Votes per user

Show HTML content instead of translation message when user used all votes

Show HTML message after every successful vote

Voting of self-added picture is not allowed

Allow vote via 1 star rating

Allow vote via 5 star rating

Allow vote out of gallery
(without opening an image before)

Hide rating of a picture
until user voted for this picture

Votes in time interval per user

Votes in time interval
per user amount

Votes in time interval
per user interval

Votes in time interval
per user alert message

Delete votes
(frontend users can delete their votes)

Show Facebook share button

Show Facebook share button out of gallery

Gallery shortcode URL
for Facebook share button
(It will be forwarded to this page
when Facebook share button is used.)

Upload options
(allowed formats: JPG, PNG, GIF)

Automatically activate users
images after frontend upload

Confirmation text after upload

Text before upload form

Text after upload form

Forward to another page after upload

Forward to URL

Confirmation text on same
page after upload

Show upload form again after upload

Confirmation text after upload

Uploads per user

Recognize user by IP

Recognize user by cookie

Recognize user by login

Show text instead of upload form
if user is not logged in

Restrict frontend upload size

Maximum upload size in MB per image

Bulk upload

Maximum number of images per upload

Restrict resolution for JPGs

Restrict resolution for PNGs

Restrict resolution for GIFs

Modify image name frontend upload

Select possible image name options

Inform admin after upload in frontend

E-mail to administator after upload
Addressor (From)

E-mail to administator after upload
Admin mail (To)

E-mail to administator after upload
Reply mail

E-mail to administator after upload
Cc mail

E-mail to administator after upload
Bcc mail

E-mail to administator after upload

E-mail to administator after upload
Mail content

Registration options

Select user role group for registered
users over Contest Gallery

Login user immediately
after registration

Confirmation text after registration

Confirmation text after
e-mail confirmation

Hide registration form
if user is logged in

Show text instead

Confirmation e-mail
Addressor (From)

Confirmation e-mail – Reply mail

Confirmation e-mail – Subject

Confirmation e-mail – Mail content

Login options

Forward to another page after login

Forward to URL

Confirmation text on same site
after login

Confirmation Text after login

E-mail confirmation e-mail

Create e-mail field in “Edit upload form”
to send this confirmation e-mail after an upload.
After an e-mail address is confirmed this e-mail will not be send anymore.

Activate e-mail confirmation e-mail

E-mail confirmation e-mail
Addressor (From)

E-mail confirmation e-mail
Reply mail

E-mail confirmation e-mail
Cc mail

E-mail confirmation e-mail
Bcc mail

E-mail confirmation e-mail

E-mail confirmation e-mail
URL to confirmation page

E-mail confirmation e-mail
Mail content

Image activation e-mail

Create e-mail field in “Edit upload form”
to inform users when activating their image.

Activate image activation e-mail

Image activation e-mail
Addressor (From)

Image activation e-mail
Reply mail

Image activation e-mail
Cc mail

Image activation e-mail
Bcc mail

Image activation e-mail

Image activation e-mail
URL of same page where shortcode
of the gallery is inserted

Image activation e-mail
Mail content


83 changeable translation fields


15 changeable icons

Addable registration form fields




Check agreement


Simple captcha
I am not a robot

Google reCAPTCHA
I am not a robot

Addable upload form fields




Select categories




Check agreement


Simple captcha
I am not a robot

Google reCAPTCHA
I am not a robot

NORMAL version

Easy to install and works out of the box. Test the most features by downloading from original repository. You can update from normal version to PRO anytime and use your NORMAL version collected data in PRO version.

PRO version

Use all available options. Switch your PRO version from one domain to another anytime in your WordPress backend.