• FIXED: Focusing blocks in backend when a shortcode of gallery is inserted created before version 10.
  • FIXED: Jumping slideout of images in last row in full window mode.
  • FIXED: Abrupt appearence of gallery closing full window mode.


  • NEW: Faster frontend engine
  • NEW: Modern slide out view
  • NEW: Full browser window gallery view
  • NEW: Search option in frontend (by image names, field entries or categories)
  • NEW: Instant search results
  • NEW: Instant pagination switching
  • NEW: Instant sorting and category switching
  • NEW: Instant random sort with random sort button
  • NEW: Multiple gallery shortcodes on one page
  • NEW: End contest date in hours and minutes


  • NEW: Sorting by 5 star rating integrated.


  • NEW: Stable for WordPress 5
  • NEW: Create data CSV in image area also exports WordPress user id, name and email if given.


  • FIXED: Upload form disappears when updating from very old versions to actual version.


  • FIXED: Possible PHP soft errors in frontend removed.


  • FIXED: First image of gallery appears full size for a short moment in some cases.
  • FIXED: Select and Select categories field did not appear in CSV export.


  • NEW: Lean updating process.


  • FIXED: Photo contest is over function.


  • FIXED: Frontend categories widget appears only if sorting is activated.
  • FIXED: Images disappear when fast clicking on on categories checkbox in frontend.
  • FIXED: Rating if only “Votes per user” is activated.


  • NEW: Hide form fields in upload and registry form.


  • NEW: Improved checkboxes look for categories in frontend.
  • FIXED: Categories written with spaces in their names were not recognized in frontend.


  • NEW: Copy gallery with images.
  • NEW: New style of category buttons and step links in frontend.
  • FIXED: Adding new fields to registry form didn’t work.


  • NEW: When categories selected showing only category images when clicking through “Single pic view”.
  • FIXED: Gallery was not resized after changing categories on mobile devices.


  • NEW: Add categories field in upload form.
  • NEW: Switch categories in frontend.
  • NEW: Edit which categories can be switched.
  • FIXED: Sorting if manipulation is activated.


  • FIXED: Wording improved backend.


  • NEW: Improved drag and drop handling in backend.
  • FIXED: URL field in upload form can’t be deleted.


  • NEW: Improved drag and drop handling in backend.
  • FIXED: URL field in upload form can’t be deleted.


  • NEW: Direct CSV download instead of coded download link.


  • NEW: 5 star rating manipulation.


  • FIXED: Images keep low resolution if resizing from low resolution to high resolution.
  • FIXED: 1 star rating manipulation bugs.


  • FIXED: Photo contest is over immediately when photo contest end time is activated.


  • FIXED: Arrangement image items in backend when voting is deactivated.


  • NEW: Allow manipulation for 1 star rating.
  • FIXED: Status info disappeared in slider when hiding and then showing carrousel again.


  • FIXED: Undefined variables on certain PHP version.
  • FIXED: Same id of “I am not a robot” labels for upload and registry form.


  • NEW: Photo contest end status in main menu.
  • FIXED: To low resolution of vertical images in slider carrousel.
  • FIXED: CSS of rating and comment information in slider carrousel is inline now.
  • FIXED: CSS of comment box when resizing in single image view.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary scale and cut option removed for single image view.


  • NEW: End photo contest immediately option.
  • FIXED: Upload form was not shown in some cases.
  • FIXED: Links direct to the pictures did not work if lazy load was activated.
  • FIXED: Missing voting messages if “Single pic view” is activated.


  • NEW: Description is added to images which were uploaded in frontend with info that image was added by Contest Gallery.
  • FIXED: Missing e-mail in e-mail field of CSV data in some cases.


  • NEW: URL field can be added to upload form and gallery.
  • FIXED: Single image view CSS and responsiveness.


  • FIXED: Registered user e-mail shows as unconfirmed when uploading image in frontend without beeing logged in but entering a registered e-mail.


  • NEW: Jump to last image of slider in the gallery when closing slider.
  • FIXED: Buggy behavior on mobile devices. iOS and Android.


  • NEW: Improved slider handling for IOS devices.


  • NEW: Slider performance improved for desktop and mobile devices.
  • FIXED: Fade in button disappears when showing much information in slider for a picture on a desktop device.


  • NEW: Position and handling of user information in slider improved.
  • NEW: Switching direct to next page out of slider when pagination is on.
  • NEW: Mobile handling of slider improved especially relating user information.
  • NEW: CSS of user comments out of gallery and in slider improved.


  • FIXED: “Cannot redeclare” error when uploading in frontend can happen in some cases.


  • FIXED: Because of conflict with another plugins slider image did not appear when clicking slider preview image.


  • FIXED: “Only gallery view” in “Single pic options” didn’t work properly


  • FIXED: Select fields could not be added in “Define single pic info”


  • FIXED: Comment and text field are not displayed in “Define single pic info”


  • FIXED: Rotated images overlapping user information in slider.


  • FIXED: Image upload failed in frontend in some cases.


  • FIXED: Image upload failed in frontend.
  • FIXED: Input fields of deleted galleries were shown in users management.


  • NEW: Improved information position in slider.


  • FIXED: Closing slider button did not work in some cases.


  • NEW: E-Mail confirmation e-mail when uploading an image and e-mail field is activated.
  • NEW: Sending to multiple recipients in CC and BCC possible.
  • NEW: Pics per site navigation also bottom now.
  • FIXED: Show original source when clicking on image in backend.


  • NEW: Scrolling to image position in preview in slider when clicking images in slider or opening slider.


  • FIXED: Code processing for older PHP versions.
  • FIXED: Slider arrows doesn’t react if slider preview is on, in some cases.


  • NEW: Rating and comments status of an image appears in slider preview now.


  • FIXED: Image rotation for 90 and 270 degree was shown in wrong way in some cases. Now fixed for all galleries created since version 7.


  • NEW: “I am not a robot” captcha also integrated in registration form.
  • FIXED: Comment field did not appear in registration form.
  • FIXED: Rotating images overlay in backend in some cases.


  • NEW: Image rotation option.
  • FIXED: Thumb view appeared as height view in version 7.


  • FIXED: Image disappeared in “Single pic view” in new version 7.


  • NEW: Improved and faster image adding for new or copied galleries.


  • FIXED: Code parsing errors for older PHP version.


  • NEW: Fullscreen feature for Safari browser removed because missing API.


  • FIXED: Unnecessary empty space in gallery when Contest Gallery is filtered by other plugins.
  • FIXED: Division by zero message when row view is activated.


  • NEW: Detecting exit fullscreen slider on mobile devices and closing slider completly instead of showing not mobile version of slider.


  • NEW: Fullscreen mode for slider on mobile or optional on desktop devices.
  • NEW: Styled alert messages appears now when all votes used or already voted an image.
  • FIXED: Options “View to original source” and “View preview in slider” couldn’t be saved.


  • NEW: Select users registered about a certain gallery in users management area.
  • FIXED: Empty CSV user data if no further registration fields were added.


  • NEW: Simple “I am not a robot” captcha for “Edit upload form” area.
  • NEW: TinyMCE is used for HTML fields in “Edit upload form” area.
  • NEW: Changing view order is more simple.
  • FIXED: Responsiveness bugs in mobile view.


  • NEW: Configuration option of link to original source and preview in slider.
  • FIXED: Wrong original source after clicking left arrow in slider.
  • FIXED: Wrong voting message, when creating a new gallery and using “One vote per picture option”.


  • FIXED: Images couldn’t be added if exif library not exists.


  • FIXED: Closing slider when 5 star rating is activated.
  • FIXED: Responsive behavior single pic view.
  • FIXED: Commenting single pic view.


  • NEW: Select field can be added to upload form.


  • FIXED: Multiple images upload in frontend broken.


  • NEW: Exif image orientation will be checked. Wrong rotated images will be corrected during the upload.


  • FIXED: Commenting area in frontend couldn’t be opened on mobile devices.


  • NEW: Improved slider
  • FIXED: CSV file data order wrong in some cases.
  • FIXED: Single pic info management in admin broken.
  • FIXED: Wrong conversion of non english caracters in file names.


  • NEW: Scrolling to top error message in all forms.


  • NEW: Buttons for instantly inserting of original WordPress title, description or excerpt in the image fields.
  • FIXED: Zip all pictures failed in some cases.
  • FIXED: Division by null error appeared in backend if original source was deleted.


  • FIXED: Facebook buttons without sharing image appears when upload PNG and GIF images in frontend.


  • FIXED: Registered users also get an e-mail when “Inform users when activate pictures” is activated.


  • FIXED: Gallery view switch thumbs disappeared in some cases.


  • NEW: Galleries can be copied now. Settings will be copied.
  • NEW: Translations for upload, regsitry and login form submit buttons added.


  • FIXED: “Forward directly to full size image in a new tab” option did not work.


  • NEW: Improved CSS for mobile and desktop.
  • NEW: Many user important CSS codes transferred from inline tags to a CSS file. User adjustments can be easier done now.
  • FIXED: Slider content displayed twice in some cases.
  • FIXED: Image information in slider disappeared by browser resizing.
  • FIXED: Allow commenting out of gallery was not working in 5.36.10.


  • FIXED: Select photo contest end time broken.


  • NEW: Clearer activating, deactivating and deleting management in backend.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary marking of images in a slider.
  • FIXED: Slider displayed in wrong way on mobiles vertical view.
  • FIXED: “Users management” button does not appear in backend comments area.


  • FIXED: Login with e-mail doesn’t work.


  • FIXED: Option blocks disappeared.


  • NEW: Highlighting activated and deactivated images in backend.
  • NEW: Highlighting target area of moving elements.


  • NEW: Opened image slider overlay all other html elements.


  • FIXED: Images were not shown on all sites with a https connection.


  • NEW: HTML field can be added to registry form now.
  • FIXED: Apostrophe and quotes could not be used in registry form.
  • FIXED: Images with apostroph and quotes in name could not be added to gallery.


  • FIXED: For some servers wrong form upload URL was configurated.


  • FIXED: “Check agreement” form field: title disappears or wrong title will be shown


  • FIXED: Broken “Row view” gallery output in 5.35.
  • FIXED: Apostrophe and quotes could not be used in all form fields.


  • NEW: HTML field can be added to upload form now.
  • FIXED: Behavior form fields line breaks.
  • FIXED: URL to uploaded image in admin e-mail.
  • FIXED: Apostrophe and quotes could not be used in form fields.
  • FIXED: Content doesn’t disappear anymore if WordPress content filters are used.


  • NEW: PO/MO files are added for translation in “plugins/contest-gallery/languages/”.
  • NEW: Logout URL changed if you are logged in as “Contest Gallery User”.


  • FIXED: “Undefined variable: averageStarsRounded” text appears in frontend if 5 stars rating is activated.


  • FIXED: Forward to an URL after login.
  • FIXED: Naming of forward to an URL after upload and login were interchanged.


  • FIXED: File size check when uploading images in frontend.


  • FIXED: “Show only users votes” didn’t work if “Allow only registered users to vote” was also activated.
  • FIXED: “Show only users votes” didn’t work for “Single pic view”.


  • FIXED: From time to time users see total rating when “Show only users votes” is activated.


  • FIXED: Users votes overriden total 1 star image rating if “Show only users votes” option was activated.
  • FIXED: CSV data file couldn’t be created in some cases.


  • FIXED: Fast clicking arrow buttons in slider showed rating, comments and facebook icons containers twice.


  • NEW: Random images sorting in frontend!
  • FIXED: Arrows CSS in single image view.
  • FIXED: Fast clicking arrow buttons in slider stopped sliding.


  • NEW: Editors, Authors and Contributors are able to manage Contest Gallery.


  • NEW: Improved CSS in frontend.
  • FIXED: CSS for WooCommerce themes improved.


  • FIXED: Commenting in single pic view.
  • FIXED: Thumb view now compatible with themes done with Bootstrap CSS.


  • FIXED: Improved rating differentiation between different login users with same ip.
  • FIXED: “Show only users votes” option did not work correctly for for height and row gallery view.


  • NEW: Improved lazy load speed.
  • NEW: Form labels included for modern form behavior.
  • NEW: Fading effects deactivated, logic improved, faster gallery loading now.
  • FIXED: “Passwords do not match” is translated now.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary output when using registration form.
  • FIXED: Wrong uploader email is shown in backend in certain cases.


  • FIXED: Conflict if using registry and upload form on same page.
  • FIXED: Show only users votes worked not right in some cases.
  • FIXED: Sometimes rating disappeared after voting.


  • FIXED: Comments were not shown by clicking comment icon in gallery or slider.


  • NEW: Additional pre settings when creating a new gallery.
  • FIXED: Alignment of elements improved when hovering in gallery.
  • FIXED: Single picture information editing was bugged in some cases.


  • FIXED: One vote rating is now showing if export rating data CSV.
  • FIXED: Wrong IP generating if IP block voting is activated.
  • FIXED: Better position of close button in comments frame.


  • NEW: Show only users votes. User see only own votes not the whole rating.
  • NEW: Faster Facebook button loading (works only for images added with version 5.07 or higher).
  • NEW: Add “Go back to gallery” button to Facebook images (works only for images added with version 5.07 or higher).


  • NEW: Many new cool PRO options 🙂
  • FIXED: Url to image was broken in mails to admin.
  • FIXED: Url to facebook was not working in some cases.
  • FIXED: Real placeholder appears now in forms.
  • FIXED: Check agreement field in form is working right now.


  • FIXED: Installation on multisite instances.
  • FIXED: Facebook like button on multisite instances.
  • FIXED: Check agreement input field in frontend.


  • FIXED: Part of a gallery disappears if going via browser Back button on a gallery.
  • FIXED: Clicking browser Back button in backend logic improved.
  • FIXED: Forwading to an image from e-mail failed in some cases.


  • FIXED: “You don’t have permission to attach files to this post.” appeared in some cases when uploading images in backend.
  • FIXED: Broken color picker for borders in backend.
  • FIXED: Border color was not shown in frontend.
  • FIXED: Wrong image url in CSV file.


  • FIXED: Adding images in backend failed in some cases.
  • FIXED: Zip and download all gallery images.


  • NEW: Use WordPress media repository in backend for adding images to gallery and uploading.
  • NEW: Uploaded images in frontend will be also added to WordPress media repository.
  • FIXED: Adding comments in gallery view and in slider because of missing “I am not a robot” field.


  • FIXED: Wrong value appears for maximum upload size in backend.
  • FIXED: Wrong image URL on Facebook pages.


  • NEW: Slider view options: hide complete info in the slider by default.
  • NEW: Improved “Hide until vote” process behavior in frontend.
  • FIXED: Facebook button doesn’t appear in single pic view.
  • FIXED: Use field as URL configuration logic improved in backend.
  • FIXED: Comment area is responsive now.
  • FIXED: Quotes couldn’t be saved in text fields.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary alt text in slider.
  • FIXED: Inserting tags in information fields for single pic view is possible now. Will be processed correctly.


  • FIXED: Facebook button didn’t appear in height and row view.
  • FIXED: Top border disappears after resizing in height view.


  • NEW: Facebook button translated now. Translation depends on browser language. Supported languages: en, de, fr, es, pt, nl, ru, zh, ja
  • NEW: Improved Facebook button loading and reloading logic. Faster browser processing.
  • FIXED: Empty query message in admin area when saving.
  • FIXED: Wrong thumb view adjustment in some cases.


  • FIXED: Voting doesn’t work if “Allow only registered users to vote (WordPress profile)” and “Allow vote via 1 star rating” are selected.
  • FIXED: Users receive activating information again even if they have already received these.


  • FIXED: In some cases an SSL connection is recognized erroneously and https image URLs are generated unncessary.


  • NEW: Configure quantity of votes per user!
  • NEW: Gallery background color.
  • FIXED: Sort rating bug.
  • FIXED: Mixed content message for https sites if checking via browser debuging tool.


  • FIXED: In some cases an SSL connection is recognized erroneously and https image URLs are generated.


  • NEW: Add round borders to every gallery view. Amazing look!
  • NEW: Add additional horizontal and vertical space between images in height and row view.
  • NEW: Align image info, rating and comment icon in gallery view.
  • NEW: “Go save” anchor appears in backend, if more then 4 images are shown. Leads directly to bottom save button.
  • NEW: Autoadjusting of thumb view on parent tag. Improved responsivness.
  • FIXED: “Allow only registered users to vote (WordPress profile)” works again.
  • FIXED: Saving border, color and opacity was not always working.
  • FIXED: Dependencies in “Multiple pics options” impoved.
  • FIXED: Show info icon in slider css improved.
  • FIXED: Show info in slider was not working.


  • FIXED: Voting box disappear if comments are disabled when 1 star rating is activated.
  • FIXED: Voting star image disappear if 1 star rating and row view are activated.
  • FIXED: Date and time of comments was not shown in user comments area in backend.


  • NEW: Vote via 1 star rating. Select 5 stars or 1 star rating.
  • NEW: Name a gallery.
  • NEW: Arrange single pic information in “Single pic options” now.
  • FIXED: Top border appeared not in height view after resizing.
  • FIXED: Hovering if “Hide until vote” is activated.
  • FIXED: “Hide until vote” was not working in all cases if “Allow vote out of gallery” was activated.
  • FIXED: “Hide until vote” was not working in all cases if “Single pic view” was activated.
  • FIXED: Frequently hovering of an image caused permanently showing info.
  • FIXED: Wrong margin-bottom of URL div in slider on panorama pictures.


  • NEW: Hide information button in slider. Especially useful when using on mobile phones.
  • NEW: Slider switching arrows removed on mobile phones. Better look now. Swichting works via swiping like it was before.
  • NEW: Reset gallery rating of all images.
  • NEW: Gallery logic improved. Faster gallery loading.
  • NEW: Slider logic improved. Faster slider loading.
  • FIXED: “Infinite Scroll” was not working on IE.
  • FIXED: Slider arrows blocked clicking on rating and commenting in some cases.
  • FIXED: Browser slowdown through hidden facebook button frames.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary space between gallery and upper div content if only one look is activated.
  • FIXED: Wrong vertical space between thumbs if “Infinite Scroll” and “Thumb view” are activated.
  • FIXED: “Forward after upload” was not working in some cases.


  • FIXED: “Infinite Scroll” was not working in some cases.


  • FIXED: “Infinite Scroll” only continues by scrolling completly to the bottom of the site.
    Now just scroll to the height of the loading GIF and it will continue.
  • FIXED: “Height view” was not shown on Safari browser.
  • FIXED: Information of last image was not shown if “Infinite Scroll” and “Height view” were activated.


  • FIXED: Wrong order by switching between images if “Infinite Scroll” and Single pic view” are activated.


  • FIXED: Infinite Scroll with Lazy Load activation failed in some cases.


  • NEW: Infinite Scroll with Lazy Load. Large galleries, with many images, which will be loaded step by step, are now possible.
  • NEW: Slider performance highly improved. Images are now loaded step by step instead all at one time.
  • NEW: Fading appearence of images in the gallerie. Looks much nicer now as instant loading.
  • FIXED: User comments did not appear in admin-mail.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary backslashes will be not generated anymore in admin- and user-mail.
  • FIXED: Paragraphs (p), breaks (br) and other html tags were not regonzied in user-mail. No continous text anymore.


  • Fixed: Facebook button bug if images were uploaded in frontend.
  • Fixed: Facebook button bug if button is used in height view.
  • Fixed: If rating out of gallery and out of slider is activated values in slider and gallery getting different.


  • NEW: Forward directly to full size picture by clicking an image out of gallery.
  • NEW: “Only gallery view” option. Disable single image view completly. Manage whole contest just outside gallery if you like.
  • NEW: Slider performance improved. Especially after uploading new images or even more after creating new gallery you will see the effect.
  • NEW: Facebook like button performance improved. Especially after uploading new images or even more after creating new gallery you will see the effect.
  • NEW: Improved options management in backend.
  • Fixed: Facebook button forwarded to wrong URL after like, if image was uploaded as png or gif.


  • NEW: User info can be shown always in the slider, not only by left mousehold.
  • NEW: Configure minimum images upload (Maximum images upload already availible) for front end.
  • NEW: Photo contest end time blocks also upload in frontend.
  • Fixed: Frontend upload form field restrictions messages.
  • Fixed: Deactivating “Inform admin after very uplooad” was not possible.
  • Fixed: URL button bug.


  • Fixed: Right sidebar navigation slide under the Contest Gallery if thumb or row view are activated.


  • NEW: Facebook Like button.
  • NEW: Add Facebook Like button to slider or single pic view.
  • NEW: Add Facebook Like button to gallery view.
  • NEW: Improved loading speed main admin images area.
  • Fixed: Set maximum number of characters in form fields.
  • Fixed: Using slider image url didn’t open slider with right image.
  • Fixed: Url forwarding out of user notification mails.


  • Fixed: “Reset informed” was not working.
  • Fixed: “Inform users when activating image” was not working.
  • Fixed: Informed users when “Reset informed” was used.


  • Fixed: Thumb and row view broken, if comments are deactivated.


  • Fixed: The new contest_gal1ery_mail_admin table, created in 3.06, was not deleted if delete Contest Gallery Plugin.


  • NEW: Create and download user and image data CSV.
  • NEW: Inform admin via mail after every front end upload. Can be configurated in “Edit Options”>>>”Upload Options”.
  • Fixed: “Inform users when activate pictures” couldn’t be deactivated.
  • Fixed: Reload of user upload by refresh browser if “Confirmaiton Text after Upload” was activated.
  • Fixed: CSS improvement in front end.


  • NEW: Multiple images upload in front end. Configure how many images a user can upload.
  • NEW: Configure max size in MB of an image for upload in front end.
  • NEW: Use escape key to close slider, comments in slider or comments in gallery.
  • Fixed: Gallery and upload shortcode breaks template of pages with right-sided widgets.
  • Fixed: “Plz don’t fiddle the upload” message appear after an upload for logged in users (Admins).


  • Fixed: Creating gallery bug.


  • NEW: Much faster slider performance, especially by navigating with arrow keys.
  • NEW: Configure max width or height in px of an image for front end users upload.
  • NEW: If extern URL for images is choosen as option then shows only URL link in slider if URL field is not empty.
  • Fixed: First image of gallery was not shown in right way on certain themes.
  • Fixed: Visual bug in row view.


  • NEW: Forward from an image to external URL you like! Define a text field of upload form as URL field and use it to forward from slider, single pic view or directly out of gallery to a page you like.
  • NEW: Forward from an image to external URL in a new tab (_blank) or in same window.
  • Fixed: After commenting first time an image directly out of gallery, this comment was only displayed after reloading page.
  • Fixed: Result was hidden after voting directly out of Row View.
  • Fixed: Fast clicking arrows to the end of the slider stopped animation on wrong point.
  • Fixed: Wrong image id was displayed in URL by clicking to the right end of the slider.
  • Fixed: Sticky WordPress Theme Menu overlapped a slider content or forced wrong displaying of first clicked image.


  • NEW: Rating stats of each image now available in backend.
  • NEW: Navigate in slider with right and left arrow keys of keyboard.
  • Fixed: Zip all files was broken after last update. Now fixed.
  • Fixed: Image information in slider is shown in the right way. Only chosen and filled fields are shown.
  • Fixed: Comments count and icon is not shown any more in gallery view if comments are deactivated.


  • NEW: Modern image slider with scaled images and mouse swiping function.
  • NEW: Rate in slider.
  • NEW: Rate with hide until vote function in slider.
  • NEW: Comment in slider.
  • NEW: Show user info in slider by mousehold.
  • NEW: Completely responsive.
  • NEW: Completely touch devices optimized.
  • NEW: Rate directly in gallery view.
  • NEW: Rate with hide until vote function in gallery view.
  • NEW: Comment directly in gallery view.
  • NEW: Recognizing and showing language processed by server not by browser.
    Shows instantly the right translation. All expressions can be found in frontend/check-language.php.
  • Fixed: Show actual not cached version when going back to image overview in admin area via browser back button.
  • Fixed: Choose all in image overview admin area.


  • Fixed: Broken url in email when “Automatically activate users form upload” and “Inform users when activate pictures” is.
  • Fixed: Files with “JPEG” ending (normally JPG is a typical Windows ending) are now also possible to upload without errors.
  • Fixed: Last rating is not shown when “Hide until vote” option is used.
  • Fixed: Conflict with other plugins because of “create_zip()”.
  • Fixed: Puting apostrophe (” ‘) in comments is now possible.
  • Fixed: Dutch translation improved.
  • Fixed: Translation logic bug.


  • Fixed: Single image view now fully responsive and optimized for mobile phones.
  • Fixed: Height view visual bug in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Height view resizing bug.
  • Fixed: Save border width 0 bug.
  • Fixed: Translation bugs.
  • Fixed: Update mechanics improved.


  • Fixed: Update mechanics improved.


  • NEW: Define border width, color and opacity in gallery view. Absolutely unique wordpress plugin function.
    Allows high-end look!
  • NEW: Choose a user information field which will be shown in gallery view.
  • NEW: Allow to show information always in gallery view, without hovering.
  • Fixed: Information looses when upload form field row is changed, bug resolved.
  • Fixed: Mechanics in gallery view improved, more precise.
  • Fixed: Missing loading.gif image bug for new versions resolved, rating possible.
  • Fixed: Browser language now recognized on Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: Dutch language improved.


  • Fixed: Gallery view not broken anymore if it’s completly without voting and comments.
  • Fixed: Division by zero error message in row view doesn’t appear anymore.
  • Fixed: Datapicker bug in gallery options resolved.


  • NEW: New Option: allows only users to vote who are registered via wordpress profile.
  • Fixed: Facebook like button removed. Doesn’t work appropriate. Has to be overworked completely.
  • Fixed: Box width optimized in gallery view.
  • Fixed: Datapicker error doesn’t appear in console anymore.
  • Fixed: Creating gallery bug is fixed.


  • Fixed: Comment date, minutes and hours are shown in the right way.
  • Fixed: When Russian speech is shown all boxes are now shown in the right way.
  • Fixed: If hight view is chosen as main gallery view comments and rating are aligned left again.


  • Fixed: No wrong view anymore when upload form is loaded in a site with widget.
  • Fixed: Languages updated.


  • Fixed: Bugs resolved.


  • Fixed: Localization finally works! Localization file uploaded.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable message “Edit upload form” area
  • Fixed: Define output options shows only when upload fields are created


  • NEW: Localization! Front end speech is shown in users browser language.
    Three languages supported in the moment: de, ru and nl. Plz contact me for further languages
    or for speech improvement in actual version!!!
  • Fixed: Bug in row view resolved!!!


  • Fixed: Creating galleries bug done by last update resolved!!!
  • Fixed: Undefined variable message in thumb gallery view.


  • NEW: Select end date when photo contest ends. Pictures can’t be voted anymore but the end result is shown.
  • Fixed: Selected view is now always forwarded every time when clicking through gallery.
  • Fixed: No jump anymore when clicking plz vote in single image view.


  • NEW: New option: images can be instantly activated after user upload in front end. Watch here…
  • Fixed: Plz vote function in single image view repaired.


  • Fixed: Sorting function was broken. Repaired.


  • Fixed: No jumping of thumb view when switching between views in front end.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable in single pic view isn’t shown anymore.


  • NEW: Votes will be hiding until user voted an image. It guarantee a voting without beeing influenced of voting before.
    Absolutely unique! Watch here…
    To configure it go Gallery options and then check Hide until vote.


  • Fixed: Error reporting, display errors diactivated. Errors of other plugins will not shown anymore.
  • Fixed: WP_Editor, for configuring e-mail text, shows now only html text editor tab. It makes e-mails visual more precise.


  • Fixed: Stars don’t jump anymore when rated.
  • Fixed: Facebook button doesn’t jump anymore when rated.
  • Fixed: Unused functions removed. No conflict with another plug-ins anymore.
  • Fixed: Saved IPs of rated images were cut. Now they have full length.


  • Fixed: Uploaded images in front end can contain dot characters now in their names
  • Fixed: If switching between views, thumb view doesn’t jump vertical any more


  • Fixed: Put comments off bug
  • Fixed: undefined index display errors for restricted php versions
  • Fixed: reset all informed works now
  • Fixed: sorting order number change when sorting in options
  • Fixed: explanation in options appears relating images resolution restriction option
  • Fixed: upload form css improved


  • Fixed: CSS bugs single pic view frontend


  • NEW: WordPress Multi Site function supported
  • NEW: Picture names can consist of 1.000 characters instead only of 100
  • Fixed: Saving data bug backend
  • Fixed: Switching between views bug frontend