Update 5.00 new Features:

  • NEW: Use WordPress media repository in back-end for adding images to gallery and uploading.

  • NEW: Uploaded images in front-end will be also added to WordPress media repository.

Update 4.15 new Features:

  • NEW: Slider view options: hide complete info in the slider by default.

  • NEW: Improved „Hide until vote“ process behavior in front-end.

Update 4.13 new Features:

  • NEW: Facebook button translated now. Translation depends on browser language. Supported languages: en, de, fr, es, pt, nl, ru, zh, ja

  • NEW: Improved Facebook button loading and reloading logic. Faster browser processing.

Update 4.10 new Features:

  • NEW: Configure quantity of votes per user!

  • NEW: Gallery background color.

Update 4.00 new Features:

  • NEW: Add round borders to every gallery view. Amazing look!

  • NEW: Add additional horizontal and vertical space between images in height and row view.

  • NEW: Align image info, rating and comment icon in gallery view.

  • NEW: „Go save“ anchor appears in backend, if more then 4 images are shown. Leads directly to bottom save button.

  • NEW: Autoadjusting of thumb view on parent tag. Improved responsivness.

Update 3.50 new Features:

  • NEW: Vote via 1 star rating. Select 5 stars or 1 star rating.

  • NEW: Name a gallery.

  • NEW: Arrange single pic information in „Single pic options“ now.

Update 3.40 new Features:

  • NEW: Hide information button in slider. Especially useful when using on mobile phones.

  • NEW: Slider switching arrows removed on mobile phones. Better look now. Swichting works via swiping like it was before.

  • NEW: Gallery logic improved. Faster gallery loading.

  • NEW: Slider logic improved. Faster slider loading.

Update 3.30 new Features:

  • NEW: Infinite Scroll with Lazy Load. Large galleries, with many images, which will be loaded step by step, are now possible.

  • NEW: Slider performance highly improved. Images are now loaded step by step instead all at one time.

  • NEW: Fading appearence of images in the gallerie. Looks much nicer now as instant loading.

Update 3.20 new Features:

  • NEW: Forward directly to full size picture by clicking an image out of gallery.

  • NEW: „Only gallery view“ option. Disable single image view completly. Manage whole contest just outside gallery if you like.

  • NEW: Slider performance improved. Especially after uploading new images or even more after creating new gallery you will see the effect.

  • NEW: Facebook like button performance improved. Especially after uploading new images or even more after creating new gallery you will see the effect.

  • NEW: Improved options management in back-end.

Update 3.13 new Features:

  • NEW: User info can be shown always in the slider, not only by left mousehold.

  • NEW: Configure minimum images upload (Maximum images upload already availible) for front end.

  • NEW: Photo contest end time blocks also upload in frontend.

Update 3.10 new Features:

  • NEW: Facebook Like button.

  • NEW: Add Facebook Like button to slider or single pic view.

  • NEW: Add Facebook Like button to gallery view.

  • NEW: Improved loading speed main admin images area.

Update 3.06 new Features:

  • NEW: Create and download user and image data CSV.

  • NEW: Inform admin via mail after every front end upload. Can be configurated in „Edit Options“>>>“Upload Options“.

Update 3.05 new Features:

  • NEW: Multiple images upload in front end. Configure how many images a user can upload.

  • NEW: Configure max size in MB of an image for upload in front end.

  • NEW: Use escape key to close slider, comments in slider or comments in gallery.

Update 3.03 new Features:

  • NEW: Much faster slider performance, especially by navigating with arrow keys.

  • NEW: Configure max width or height in px of an image for front end users upload.

  • NEW: If extern URL for images is choosen as option then shows only URL link in slider if URL field is not empty.

Update 3.02 new Features:

  • NEW: Forward from an image to external URL you like! Define a text field of upload form as URL field and use it to forward from slider, single pic view or directly out of gallery to a page you like.

  • NEW: Forward from an image to external URL in a new tab (_blank) or in same window.

Update 3.01 new Features:

  • NEW: Rating stats of each image now available in backend.

  • NEW: Navigate in slider with right and left arrow keys of keyboard.

Update 3.00 new Features:

  • NEW: Modern image slider with scaled images and mouse swiping function. Watch here!

  • NEW: Rate in slider. Watch here!

  • NEW: Rate with hide until vote function in slider. Watch here!

  • NEW: Comment in slider. Watch here!

  • NEW: Show user info in slider by mousehold. Watch here!

  • NEW: Completely responsive.

  • NEW: Completely touch devices optimized.

  • NEW: Rate directly in gallery view. Watch here!

  • NEW: Rate with hide until vote function in gallery view. Watch here!

  • NEW: Comment directly in gallery view. Watch here!