Entry blog view

The entry blog view feature empowers you to display multiple media and doc files on the same page as a list. This style is very similar to traditional blog posts, where you add and publish different types of files one after one.

So visitors don’t have to open a new tab or post to view files separately. Rather they can scroll through everything staying on the same posts and pages. This feature also allows you to add information like file category, title, and description after each file.

The entry blog view feature is highly useful to engage those users who want to view everything on a single page. It can increase users’ sessions on your website as they will spend more time exploring your files.

Once you are done viewing the entry, you can click the close view (X) icon to go back to the gallery view mode.

By clicking a gallery entry the entry opens in a blog view:

No entries found

This text is visible until first entry appears in the gallery.
This text can be configurated in "Edit options" >>> "Gallery view options" >>> "This text is visible until first entry appears in the gallery"

Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over