Multiple gallery views

Multiple Gallery Views allow you to create four different types of gallery views and enable them during the same contest period. Users can instantly switch to different views and fix the one that suits their tastes. The views are:

1. Thumb View

You can configure the height and width of each image in this view. This allows you to control the size of images in the gallery and ensure they are all uniform. This view is ideal for displaying images in a grid-like format.

2. Slider View

The slider view includes a preview of all images at the top, which you can scroll horizontally. This view is great for websites with limited space and galleries with many images.

3. Blog View

The blog view allows you to scroll images from top to bottom. This view is perfect for showcasing images of specific events or topics, as you usually do in blog posts.

As an admin, you can enable all these options or particular ones for different galleries. Each view can be opened in full-window or full-screen mode. Let’s look at how multiple gallery views can take your website’s content presentation system to a new height and help you enjoy numerous benefits.

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Photo contest ist over


Enhanced Flexibility

The ability to enable multiple gallery views at once allows you to cater to different types of user intent. Visitors can choose the view that best suits their preferences and experience most enjoyably.

Better Image Presentation

When you launch a campaign, you’ll see participants upload images of different sizes (horizontal and vertical). As an admin, if you stick to any particular gallery view, most images will fail to portray their appeal to voters and visitors. Multiple gallery views can solve this problem.

Increase Engagement

Visitors love to get engaged and spend more time on those websites where they can explore content in desired ways. The power of multiple gallery views to do this can lead to increased traffic, conversions, and customer satisfaction.

Add Versatility

Suppose you want to publish a series of videos to cover a tutorial. You can use the slider view option. Thus, not only for contests, you can use this plugin for versatile purposes.

Elevate Brand Awareness

If you are a marketer or business owner and want to showcase the images of your products and services, this feature can help you customize each gallery view to fit your brand’s style and design.

Finally, by allowing you to choose from four different gallery views, this feature offers you greater flexibility and versatility in showcasing photos, videos, and other media files.