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To get the latest PRO version you must enter your valid key:

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In order to continue using PRO version functions
you require to download and install this PRO version here.
In case general updating or auto updating in WordPress not working,
you are able to update manually by downloading latest Version from this this area.

PRO Version installation instructions

  1. Do not deactivate or delete normal Version in your WordPress instance.
    It will be auto removed after successfull PRO version installation.
    If you delete manually your Contest Gallery data will get lost!
    Simply follow the next steps.

    do not delete normal version
  2. Download PRO version

    DOWNLOAD (accept data privacy agreements and terms and conditions for download)
  3. Install downloaded zip common way via your WordPress instance

    install downloaded zip
  4. Activate PRO version after installation

    activate PRO version after installation
  5. Click on “Contest Gallery PRO” in the menu.
    Enter key

    enter key

    (If you have already content from using normal version
    it will gets visible after entering valid key)

    enter key
  6. Click on “Contest Gallery PRO” in the menu.
    If you have already entered your key, PRO version will be instantly activated.

    pro version successfully activated
  7. After successfull key validation and PRO version activation Contest Gallery normal version will be auto removed from plugins area. You do not have to delete it manually.

    normal version auto removed

Installation done!
Enjoy Contest Gallery PRO version

You are using PRO version. For any issues on PRO version
please contact