Contest Gallery - WordPress plugin
Create a professional photo contest

Startsite new

Multiple gallery views

Switch between views without loading

Create upload form

Add different field types

Voting types

Five star rating, one star rating and Facebook Like button

Voting options

Votes per user, delete votes, show only user votes and many other options are available

Vote without beeing registered

User will be recognized by IP or Cookie

Vote as registered user

Create registration form and add login form

Allow comments

Users can set comments in frontend which can be edited or deleted in backend

Search by content

Search by field content, categories, picture name or EXIF data

EXIF data

EXIF data from images will be extracted and shown in frontend

Image activation email

Configured email can be sent automatically when an image gets activated

Inform admin email

Admin receives email when a photo is uploaded with information about the image

Original image source gallery

Forward directly to original source after clicking an image

Only gallery view

No single image view. Just gallery. Voting is possible.

Random sort

Random sort button or random sort each page load available as options

Multiple galleries on same page

Add multiple gallery shortcodes with different options to same page