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Vote via 1 star or 5 star option or Facebook Like Button


Unique votes

Votes will be hiding until user voted an image. It guarantee a voting without beeing influenced of voting before. Watch here


Three completely different Views!

Same height of pictures in a row


Same sizes of pictures in a row


Same count of pictures in a row


Allow rating and comments


You can allow rate the pictures. It’s also possible to turn on IP block. Then every pictures can be rated only one time. Of course you can also turn rating and commenting off and use the plugin as common gallery plugin.


Sort pictures and allow sorting

You can upload can upload as many pictures you like in backend and sort them. It’s also possible to allow other users sort the gallery in frontend. There is no other gallery plugin on the market which can do that.

  • Date descend
  • Date ascend
  • Comments descend
  • Comments ascend
  • Rating descend
  • Rating ascend

Define your own upload form


It’s possible to create own picture upload form for you contest. You can define field types for user information. You decide which info is necessary to fill in and which not.

Check out this upload form example…


Define user information output

Manage which user information you like to show! You can choose which of the uploaded fields should be shown in frontend and in which order. You can upload as many pictures as you like at one in backend.

Step 1:
define upload


Step 2:
upload picture


Step 3:
define output


Step 4:
output result


Inform via mail when picture is activated

It’s possible to send automatic mails to users if they provided you their email during picture upload. They can also get an url which forwards directly to their picture!

Define your mail


Result after activating picture


Allow multiple views on the same gallery

You have the option to allow user to swith between views on one and same gallery. Main view and order of views can be prefered.

Same height of pictures in a row as


Same sizes of pictures in a row as


Same count of pictures in a row as


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