Documentation PayPal Environment

  1. Login with your PayPal Account on
  2. Go to “Apps & Credentials” or to
  3. A “Default application” is already created. Copy the “Client ID” and the “Secret” and add them to the PayPal options of your “Contest Gallery PRO” plugin and “Save options”.
  4. Your are ready to go. Use “Sandbox” “Client ID” and “Secret” to make test purchases.
    Please read the “Recommendations” below.


Remove the option to “Continue without a PayPal Account”

It is recommended to disable the option “Continue without a PayPal account”. If customer use this option the possibility of “pending” payment processing is high. Change “PayPal account optional” to “Off”:

Direct links to find “PayPal account optional”:
Live: ……customerprofileweb…
Sandbox: ……customerprofileweb…

Testing credit cards

PayPal offers to pay via credit card. You can do test purchases in sandbox (test environment) using test credit card numbers PayPal offers: ……