Winner Gallery

The winner gallery feature allows you to showcase the winning images of a contest in a separate gallery. Even though the primary method of selecting a winner is through voting, the winner is not automatically selected and published.

As an admin, you can examine the possible winners’ photos and ensure that the selection process is fair and accurate. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can create a separate page using the shortcode “cg_gallery_winner” and publish the winning images of the contest.

Once the winner is selected, no more votes will be allowed on the winner gallery page. Check out some key benefits of the winner gallery feature.

  • The separate winning gallery page allows visitors to find the winning entries.
  • Admins can double-check to ensure the files comply with the contest rules.
  • Builds trust in the contest through transparency and a clear evaluation process.
  • The separate page gives proper exposure and recognition to the winner.

Finally, the winner gallery is an excellent way to celebrate the contest winner and promote his work to a broader audience.

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over