Allow comments

The Contest Gallery plugin allows users to leave comments on text and media files uploaded to the gallery. As a website admin, you have the authority to approve or delete them from the back end.

Once you run a campaign and open the voting session, you may notice some users are trying to damage the contest session with spam comments. This can seriously hurt the contest spirit and discourage participants.

The allow comments feature empowers you to clean and remove those comments that violate the standard community rules. Besides, visitors can also sort the images by the maximum number of comments to find out the most discussed files.

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over


Comments can be reviewed before getting visibile for all

It is also possible to review comments before this are getting visible in frontend. A notification email to the admin can be configured to instantly inform about new comments so they can be reviewed timely.

New comment for their entry notification email for registered users

Registered users can stay engaged and informed about activitiy for their entries. Configuration of notification email to registered users is also a Contest Gallery feature.