Voting options

The Contest Gallery WordPress plugin entitles you to set various conditions to configure the voting process. This is mandatory to conduct fair and transparent online contests and uphold the credibility of your website.

Let’s break down the voting options you can configure with this plugin.

The Number of Votes Per User

You can specify how many votes each user can cast during a contest going on. For example, you can set a limit of 3 votes per user.

Votes Per Category

You can specify how many votes a user can cast in each category. If you have multiple categories on your website, this setting can motivate users to ensure that voting is spread proportionately across all categories.

Ability to Delete and Revote

Enabling this option will let users delete their previous votes and cast a new ones. Some users may often cast votes on the wrong files mistakenly. This setting will allow them to rectify the mistake.

Intervals Between Each Vote

Intervals between each vote are a great option to blockade the bot voters. This setting will let you specify how much time must pass for a user to vote again. You may set it from 1 minute to 24 hours or any time space you want.

Visibility of Votes

You may set not to reveal the number of votes a file has received to the users who haven’t cast their votes yet. You may also set it to show only their own votes or to show all votes.

Admin Controls

As an admin, you will always have the authority to delete votes from the back end. If you ever suspect any suspicious voting pattern or disputes regarding the integrity of the voting process, you can use this power. Futhermore you can add to every entry as many votes you like manually as site administrator.

Finally, you’ll get everything you need in this features to run fair online contests as an admin.

Configured options for following example gallery:

  • Hide total voting result for an image until user voted this image
  • 10 Votes per user as total
  • 3 Votes in a minute time interval per user
  • 1 Vote per picture
  • Votes in time interval per user alert message
  • Delete votes

“Hide rating of a picture until user voted for this picture” is activated. Furthermore only 3 votes per minute and 10 votes per user is activated. “One vote per picture” is deactivated. You can also delete your votes.

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Photo contest ist over