Color styles

The Contest Gallery WordPress plugin includes two color modes for users: bright and dark. Users can switch between them by clicking the bright sun and crescent moon icons above the gallery.

A comfortable color mode can reduce users’ eye strain and make it easy for them to view media files enjoyably. Below are some potential benefits your visitors can enjoy from these two color modes.

Bright Color Mode

The bright color mode can be great for websites to convey a sense of enthusiasm, fun, and energy. It can grab users’ attention and make the content more engaging. This color mode can be effective for those galleries featuring colorful and vibrant images.

Dark Color Mode

The dark color mode creates a sense of depth and richness. It makes media files look more dramatic. It gives calmness to users who have eye problems with the bright screen. It can save users’ device battery and present images with higher contrast.

Finally, choosing the right color mode depends on the goals, tastes, and target audiences. The bright and dark color options allow visitors and users to choose the one that gives the ultimate calmness to their eyes.

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over