No voting gallery

The no voting gallery is a feature that allows users to create a gallery where visitors can only view images without voting. This feature is beneficial when you want to showcase images that are not meant to be part of a contest or competition.

To create a no voting gallery, users can use the cg_gallery_no_voting shortcode, which makes it easy to create a separate gallery without the voting feature. Visitors can still view the images, but they cannot vote for their favorite.

But you may display the number of votes that have already been cast in the files. You’ll get the configuration option in the back end. This gallery can be ideal for following use cases.

Display Images Without Competition

This gallery is perfect for showcasing images without the competitive element. This can be useful for photographers to display their portfolios, or for event clubs who want to display their previous works.

Comments and Feedback

Even though visitors cannot vote on the images, you can still allow them to comment and provide feedback. This can help you gather valuable insights and opinions about the displayed images.

Show Educational Content

The no voting gallery can also be used in an educational setting. For example, you can upload published tutorial videos, PowerPoint files, keynotes of any discussion topics, case study solutions in PDF format, etc.

With so many options like EXIF data, social media share buttons, translation, voting, and allow comment, the Contest Gallery WordPress is the most extensive gallery plugin is available online today.

Not only that! This plugin also allows you to configure the average visible size of your desired files in the gallery, giving you a complete control over how your work will be presented.

Whether you want to showcase your photography, or simply want to create a beautiful online portfolio, this plugin has everything you need. You’ll never feel the need of another gallery plugin once you install and use this Contest Gallery plugin.

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Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over